Our Standards

As parents, it’s our mission to raise the next generation of healthy, happy babies. That’s our mission at Babyganics too, and we do it by making products that help families prepare their home for all of baby’s adventures. This is how we do it:

1. Purpose

We only create products with purpose.

We actively review the latest scientific research. We listen to what you need and want to see more of. And because we’re parents too, we’re always inspired by how our own babies explore the world (bonus: when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, chances are we’re already awake!). Simply put, everything we make has a purpose. Nothing exists “just because.”

What inspires a new addition to the Babyganics family?

The latest research

Thanks to the pediatricians, dermatologists and other hands-on practitioners in our extended family, we're always tuned in to the latest scientific research. If a new study reveals a better way of doing things (or something we should avoid), we want to know about it—and we want you to know about it, too.

Personal experience

We’re parents ourselves, so like you, we’re constantly amazed by our babies and the way they explore the world. That can lead to some pretty incredible “what if…” and “a-ha!” moments when it comes to our products.

Community feedback

The families that make up the Babyganics community are our greatest resource (and our reason for being!), so when it comes to product development, you better believe we’re all ears.

2. Values

We’re all about having it all.

Our goal is to create products that parents feel good about using around their babies and that work in their homes and that they can actually find and afford all while keeping our impact on the planet in mind.

For every product we make, we balance:


Is this product safe to use around babies?

We create products that help parents care for their babies. If one of our products doesn’t help in that effort, we simply don't make it.


How can we make this accessible to parents?

Parents shouldn't have to go on a treasure hunt for the products they can confidently use around and on their babies. We work hard to price our products within reach and get them stocked where families can find them.


If our products don’t work well, why would parents use it?

We formulate products that do what they say they'll do, always keeping babies in mind, and continue to do it reliably over time.


Can we produce and package in a way that is responsible to this planet we share?

We always look for readily available, attainable ingredients and packaging solutions with consideration for their environmental impact.

3. Formulation

We put a lot of thought into what we do (and into what we do not do).

Formulation is about more than just a product’s “recipe.” The ingredients we choose (and the ones we don’t), the box, tube, or bottle we select for our formulas, and the kind of packaging material we use all play a role in creating our best possible product.

How we formulate our products:

Ingredient selection

Our list of "never use" ingredients come from sources such as EU, Canada and US lists of ingredients to avoid and refers to industry standards like NPA and EWG. We always ask "Is this something we'd confidently use around or on our babies?" If you see it on the shelf, the answer was "yes."

Our no's

Parents shouldn't have to go on a treasure hunt for the products they can confidently use around and on their babies. We work hard to price our products within reach and get them stocked where families can find them.

Usability design

When we design packaging for our products, we consider how they'll be used in real life and how we can make that experience easier for parents. (Self foaming shampoo & body wash to make bath time easier? Yes, please!)


All babies deserve to grow up in a world and a planet that others have thoughtfully taken care of. So we look for ways to use recyclable, recycled or sustainable packing materials (without sacrificing efficiency and affordability).

What is Biobased?

The United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) BioPreferred Program® is a voluntary labeling initiative that Babyganics has chosen to participate in. A USDA Certified Biobased product is a product that has achieved third-party verification of its biobased content and has earned a USDA certification and approval to display the seal on its label.

The USDA Certified Biobased seal discloses the percentage of new organic carbon in a product. New organic carbon is derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials. Certain ingredients, such as water, minerals, or salts, are not used in this calculation. If a product is composed of mostly water and the remaining materials are all plant-based, a product can have a USDA Certified Biobased label that states that the product is “100%” biobased, despite the great amount of water in it. We’re happy to share that our household cleaning products have been tested and exceed the minimum required percentage of biobased content for their specific product categories.

For more information on USDA BioProferred go to www.biopreferred.gov

Be sure to look for the USDA Certified Biobased seal on our household cleaning products!

4. Testing + Review

Testing 1, 2, 3 (4, 5, 6…)

We thoroughly test every product we create to make sure that parents can use the product on and around babies.

We put our products through the tests that are absolutely necessary AND those that go above and beyond what’s technically required depending on how a product will interact with you and your baby.

Since we make such a variety of products, many of which require unique tests, you can bet we’ve got a pretty comprehensive list!

One last double-triple check.

We test every single batch of every single product before it leaves our hands and makes its way to you. Specifically, we test for microbes, color, odor, appearance, pH, consistency and more. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t ship. When it comes to babies, there’s no grey area!

We always test for:

Formula stability

Stability tests let us know that our finished formulas will work the way they should, even after they've been exposed to bright light, heat or cold on their journey from us to you.

Batch microbial testing

We conduct microbial testing on each batch of our water-based products to be sure there's no sign of sneaky microbes or bacterial growth.

Preservative safety + effectiveness

When we use preservatives, we make sure they are appropriate to use around babies and help our products resist contamination so they stay that way over time.

Product efficacy

It may seem obvious, but after all is said and done, making sure a product does what it should is an absolute must.

Depending on the product, we also test for:

  • Skin irritancy
  • Eye stinging
  • FDA compliance*
  • OTC efficacy*
  • SPF value
  • Broad spectrum testing
  • Water resistance
  • Toxicology review
  • Photo toxicity
  • Skin barrier function repair
  • Efficacy of skin moisturization
  • * Specifically for over-the-counter products.

    5. Refinement

    When it comes to our products, the end is just the beginning.

    You know how you’re always looking for ways to help your baby keep developing and be the best they can be? We look at our products the same way. We’re always reviewing the latest science and research behind new ingredients and packing materials to enhance our products and make them even better.

    What inspires us to evolve or improve something we make?

    The latest research

    While we always stand behind our products, we never stop looking for ways to improve. Even after a product is "finished," we're actively reviewing new scientific research for ways to advance or evolve it. As the availability of ingredients grows, we continue to improve our formulas because we are on this journey together and as parents always want to do the best for our babies.

    Community feedback

    We consider the families in our community our greatest resource, so we take feedback seriously and we act on it. Providing better choices for babies (and the parents who love them!) is an ongoing effort and commitment we continue to make every single day.